The purpose and efforts of our organization

Our organization, as established in the purpose of the management system, aims to ensure gender equality regarding the presence and professional growth of women within the organization.

In this regard, we aim to enhance the diversity present in the roles operating within the organization and maintain processes capable of fostering female empowerment in business activities.

Leonardos S.r.l.'s attention, in the journey to ensure the achievement and maintenance of this purpose, focuses its efforts on the following areas prepared by the UNI 125:2022 practice:

1. Culture and strategy

2. Governance

3. HR processes

4. Opportunities

5. Pay equity

6. Parenthood

The organization believes that developing a cultural model that promotes gender equality, in addition to generating "social value" appreciated in the European institutional economic context, constitutes a factor of development for the business the organization conducts.

Results based on stakeholder satisfaction

Leonardos S.r.l., for this reason, intends to ensure gender equality through concrete actions that, in addition to being compliant with the requirements/indicators established in the respective areas indicated, are genuinely and concretely appreciated by the women present in the organization, who are the real stakeholders, for the results produced by the management system.

The organization, with the intention of paying attention to this satisfaction at any time and in any circumstance of a woman's working life in the organization, has chosen to consider this "life cycle" through the following aspects:

  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Career management
  • Pay equity
  • Parenting, caregiving
  • Work-life balance
  • Prevention of abuse and harassment

For each of the following aspects, Leonardos S.r.l. has established more specific policies, which are detailed below. To each policy expressing the principles the organization is inspired by, the organization has associated specific and measurable equality objectives indicated in the strategic plan.


Leonardos S.r.l., in relation to the analysis of its business processes, has understood and established the principles to be respected with reference to each of the following points.

These principles constitute the guiding criteria of the processes aimed at addressing:

  • The existing gaps in reference to the indicators established by the UNI PdR 125:2022 practice
  • The needs of women present in the organization, seen as the main stakeholders in the concrete results of the system



Our organization, in the recruitment and hiring activities of personnel to be employed in business activities, respects, with a view to improvement, the following principles:

  • The selection of the candidate must be conducted in a gender-neutral manner
  • Selection criteria must consider requirements for personal qualities such as professionalism, competence, specialization, experience
  • Selection must not involve issues related to marriage, pregnancy, and family responsibilities
  • Selection must consider that the presence of women and men in the workforce must be balanced relative to the total number of people present
  • Roles related to executives, business unit managers, those reporting to the top management, and those with budget delegation must be distributed in a balanced manner
  • The job position, envisaged at the time of hiring, must include a remuneration based on duties and responsibilities and not influenced by gender
  • Selection must consider that the percentages of women and men whose contracts include variable remuneration are balanced


Our organization is aware that economic results depend also on the human resources working in it, and all opportunities for career development intend to refer only to the results and merit of the individual regardless of gender. Our organization, with a view to improvement, manages the careers of internal staff respecting the following principles:

  • The assignment of roles and duties must consider a gender leadership balance
  • Career path design and presentation must be gender-neutral
  • Staff career paths are accessible to all individuals who can transparently demonstrate maintaining gender equality balances
  • The working environment, where most of the day is spent, must ensure the possibility (technological and physical) for all individuals to express themselves and well-being seen as safety and comfort
  • Training for skills and awareness development represents a fundamental process aimed at removing any career difficulties and restoring gender leadership balances
  • Considering the career transition related to the Board of Directors, at least 1/3 of our Board of Directors must be represented by women
  • Staff detachment phases from the organization in case of dismissal are closely examined by verifying turnover by gender
  • Promotions always take into account gender balance concerning functional level


Our organization, during the hiring phase and throughout the staff's career, intends to ensure pay equity regardless of gender. The organization does not asymmetrically consider costs to be incurred to compensate individuals of different genders. In determining, disbursing, and modifying compensation, the organization respects the following principles:

  • Staff compensation is recognized in relation to the role and responsibilities, and any additions in the form of benefits and bonuses to this compensation are exclusively based on recognized and produced results
  • Compensation, bonus disbursement, and benefit allocation are documented and accessible to the entire staff for transparency
  • Compensation, bonus, and benefit allocation criteria are documented and accessible to the entire staff
  • Anyone on the staff is entitled to report any disparities


Our organization intends not to constitute any obstacle to parenthood, supporting maternity and paternity through activities aimed at meeting the needs of those who, due to their status related to parenthood, must balance their commitment between work and emerging new occurrences. The organization supports this intention in light of the following principles:

  • Maternity and paternity are supported by training, information, and reintegration programs
  • Maternity is assisted before, during, and after childbirth
  • Paternity leave must be promoted so that all potential beneficiaries benefit from it for the entire period provided by law
  • Return from leave is supported by specific reorientation initiatives
  • The organization plays an active role in supporting caregiver activities with concrete initiatives
  • Support for fathers and mothers is expanded through the provision of dedicated child services, such as vouchers for sports activities


Our organization intends to provide its staff with the ability to manage time for both life and work through a balance of equilibrium that takes into account both the company's business objectives and the psycho-physical well-being of the worker resulting from greater self-determination freedom. The principles underlying work-life balance are as follows:

  • Work-life balance measures are directed at all staff regardless of gender
  • The organization adopts part-time, flexible hours, and smart working
  • The organization allows remote connection with all staff working outside (regardless of the contract) for work operations and participation in meetings





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Our organization condemns all forms of abuse and harassment and exercises a zero-tolerance policy towards this purpose through prevention and repression activities. The organization implements its prevention through concrete actions whose principles include:

  • Identifying risks related to abuse and harassment
  • Organizing prevention actions related to this risk
  • The possibility to report suspicions and/or incidents of abuse and harassment
  • Absolute protection by the organization of reporting individuals from any subsequent retaliation
  • Analysis and understanding by the organization of any episodes of abuse and harassment
  • Developing communication that is kind and neutral with respect to gender

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