semolina pasta

Leonardos was established from the decades-long family tradition in the wheat trade and the experience gained in the food industry, it is an innovative and competitive company that has already achieved significant commercial rewards. Advances in technology and manufacturing processes make the company a benchmark in the production and distribution of flour products, semolina, quality flours, oats and corn both nationally and internationally. A large supply capacity and storage of large quantities of grain with similar characteristics allow for the production of a wide range of flour products. Competence, availability and dynamism are the strengths of the company that allow it to compete effectively on the world market. Today the company is able to offer its customers a direct consultancy service for the purchase of various types of products in the food and agrifood industries, thus the company is able to satisfy the most demanding requirements, improving and providing quality products such as baked goods, rice, pasta, as well as horticultural, agricultural, fruit products and dry and fresh food products, such as oil, barley, oats, beans and almonds. The main aim of Leonardos remains the supply of a broad and diverse range to satisfy all possible customer requirements.

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